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Apple Watch Ultra Review – Best Smart Watch?

The Apple watch ultra is the most high-end apple watch ever. Before the launch of this new watch, many rumors were floating that an Apple watch pro is going to launch which would be more rugged and expensive than the series 8. Apple on the other hand is calling this the Apple Watch ultra instead of the watch pro. The name aside, this watch is indeed designed for the most pro users out there with special needs. This does not mean that a normal user cannot wear it!

What’s New in the Ultra Apple Watch?

The new top tear watch from apple is launched with a complete re-design. It features a titanium frame rather than stainless steel on the apple watch SE and series 8. The screen is significantly brighter and bigger than the series 8 watches. The battery is also bigger. The new watch from apple can now last up to three days on a single charge. It also features some new sensors to measure altitude and improve compass accuracy. There are some exclusive bands for Apple watch ultra only. The headlining features though are the bigger crown and the custom action side button.

The ultra watch with Ultra redesign!

The new watch comes with a complete overhaul of the design. From chassis to the bands, and from display to the buttons, Apple has changed everything in their new ultra watch to make it stand out from the rest of their watch lineup. The frame is made from titanium rather than stainless steel. The display is protected with sapphire crystal instead of gorilla glass. The new crown in the ultra is much bigger and easy to rotate than a normal apple watch. A new action button has also been added to the apple watch which can be mapped to any custom action. The watch itself is IPX8 dust and water-resistant. You can take it underwater for up to 100 feet.

The Display of the Apple Watch Ultra

It is the brightest display on any smartwatch period. It is an OLED display which is much bigger than their regular series 8 watch. The always-on display is also enabled for the first time. The display is greatly viewable outdoors. The visibility is excellent even under direct sunlight. After a long wait, Apple has finally used Saphire instead of gorilla glass for the watch display. This makes the screen much more durable and scratch resistant. This is a huge change but most users won’t notice it. It will increase the overall durability and quality of the watch. The display has an adaptive refresh rate which helps a lot in conserving the battery life.

Fitness and Health Tracking

People buy smart watches for many reasons. Fitness and activity tracking is one of them. When it comes to workouts and fitness tracking there is no match to the apple smartwatches and the Ultra is no exception. It gives precise information about various types of physical activities. There are countless options baked into the activity app to help you keep reaching your fitness goals. The tracking is not only limited to fitness, it also focuses on your physical health. The apple watch ultra can track ovulation in women with the help of a new temperature sensor.

Battery Life

The obvious concern about any smartwatch is its battery life. The apple watch ultra has the longest battery life of all the apple watches thanks to its bigger battery. On a single charge, it can last up to 3 days of normal use. However, a power-saving mode is promised which will be implemented later in software updates. With power saving mode, it can last up to one week on a single charge. This is not as good as some other smartwatches which can last even months on a single charge, But it is still much better than the previous generation apple watches.


The Apple watch ultra is the most expensive smartwatch from Apple. The starting price is 799$. This makes it twice the price of a series 8 apple watch which starts at 499$.


The apple watch ultra is focused on a special group of people who might not be able to use the regular apple watch because of their specific needs. It makes the watch much more expensive than its counterparts. It is the best smartwatch for Athletes, Mountaineers, Swimmers, and Hikers. If you are a power user or a tech nerd, then the Apple Watch Ultra is your go-to smartwatch to use with the iPhone.


Can we use the apple watch with the iPad?

No, the Apple watch cannot be used with an iPad. It can only be set up using an iPhone. There is no way to download the watch app on the iPad.

What is the sapphire display in the apple watch ultra?

Saphhire is much harder to scratch than gorilla glass. It increases the overall durability of the display making it more scratch resistnat.

What is the difference between series 8 and apple watch ultra?

The ultra is a ruggedized variant of the apple watch series 8. It is more durable with a bigger battery and display. It is also more expensive than series 8.

Can we use apple watch ultra bands in series 8?

Yes, you can use the bands as they are backward compatible. If you have invested in the apple watch bands from series 7 or below they still can be used in the newer apple watches.




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