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Google Pixel Buds Pro : AirPods for Android

Today is a turning point in the battle for the best wireless ear pods. as Google has just released the Pixel Buds Pro to compete with the Apple Air Pods Pro, which are almost everyone’s truly wireless earbuds.

An Overview of the Google Pixel Buds Pro

The cheapest Pixel Buds right now are the A series, which costs $69. Nice, but the 2020 pixel buds were released with a price tag of $179. Even though they were nice, they didn’t have active noise cancellation, so they weren’t quite as good as the best wireless earbuds on the market. Pixel Buds have noise-canceling technology and a bigger battery. It only costs $199. If you don’t mind colors other than coral, they are already on sale on Amazon for less than the price of the last Pixel Buds. The Google Pixel Buds Pro get everything right, from the case to the fit to the sound to the features.

Google Pixel Buds Pro’s useful and unexpected features

Active noise cancellation is a great way to get rid of outside noise. There’s no lag when using Bluetooth to watch videos or play games. A special app and multipoint connection technology that switches the audio automatically (so the Pixel Buds Pro can stay connected to two different devices simultaneously and switch easily between them).

Battery life

A battery life of 31 hours when ANC is not turned on and the charging case is used (which can be charged wirelessly).

Case of Google Pixel Buds Pro

The case has a USB-C port on the bottom and wireless charging, so you can use any Qi wireless charger to charge it. Fog, charcoal, lemongrass, and coral are the four colorways. The case is made of a super-satisfying magnet and is small, clean, and well-made. It is also IPX4 splash resistant. The rest of each earpiece is black, and the case has a strong and smooth hinge. It has a classy look and seems to be worth the money. The Google Pixel Buds Pro have a case that looks like a pebble and feels strong and cool in our hands. The brushed plastic never gets smudgy with fingerprints.

Can you make phone calls on Pixel Buds Pro

Other than listening to music pixel buds are also great for phone calls and audio. People on the other end of the call say that voices sound clear. This is likely because each earpiece has three mics, which Google calls a “voice accelerometer,” and “wind-blocking mesh covers. “The base is much stronger than the last Pixel Buds, but they don’t have built-in EQ. Thankfully, Google has said that a full five-band EQ is coming later this year, hopefully soon.

What’s missing?

The only thing that’s missing is an adaptive sound feature that listens to your surroundings and automatically turns up the volume when things get louder around you.


Apple Airpods Pro vs Google Pixel Buds Pro

When you compare the Pixel Buds Pro to the AirPods Pro, you’ll notice right away that there are a lot of features that are the same between the two. This has obvious features like ANC, a Transparency mode, and an IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance. Both also have Bluetooth 5.0.

From a design perspective

The Pixel Buds Pro and AirPods Pro are very different in how they fit in your ear. The AirPods Pro are meant to just sit in your ear, and the attached stem gives them the balance they need to stay in place. Apple and Google earbuds come with three different sets of silicone ear tips, just like any other earbuds you’ve used before. Not everyone has the same size ears, and you might be surprised at how much better these fit when you switch them out for a different size.

Playback Controls

As for controls, the Pixel Buds Pro have a touch-sensitive pad on the flat part of the outside of the earbud. These let you control your media playback with a variety of gestures, like swiping up or down to change the volume or forward or backward to go back to the previous track or skip to the next one. Touch controls also let you switch between the different sound modes, like between ANC mode and Transparency mode. Apple uses the “Force sensor” that is built into the stem of the AirPods Pro. Instead of making the whole stem round, there is a small flat rectangle that shows you where to make the different hand gestures. But instead of tapping on the outside of your ear to control it, you press different parts of the force sensor to do different things.


At first glance, the easiest part of choosing between the Pixel Buds Pro and the AirPods Pro is which platform you use. For example, if you have a Mac or an iPhone, the AirPods Pro will be better for you. People who use an Android phone are stuck in the Android ecosystem. But when we used the Pixel Buds Pro, Multipoint and Audio Switching still worked fine when they were connected to a MacBook and a Pixel 6 Pro. The only time we wouldn’t recommend the Buds Pro is if you’ve only used Apple products in this comparison.



Are AirPods better than Pixel Buds?

The Pixel Buds Pro are cheaper than the AirPods Pro. They have the same Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, “Hey Google” voice control, automatic switching between paired Bluetooth devices, and Find My Device app tracking in case you lose them. Both sets of headphones are comfortable. The Apple headphones are better and sound more natural. Some users may prefer them.

Are Apple AirPods pro more expensive than pixel buds?

Pixel Buds cost only $199, which is far less than the starting price of AirPods pro.




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