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Google Pixel 7 Pro Review – The King of Android

Take a step back, two years ago Google tried to re-invent the wheel strangely and the best reboot happened as a result. The Pixel 6 pro was introduced with Google’s tensor chip and a complete redesign. It had a few minor issues in its first iteration. The Pixel 7 Pro fixes almost all of those issues. It got the 2nd generation tensor chip and a display with a peak brightness of 1500 nits. The buttons are also bumped down to make them easier to press. The fingerprint scanner in pixel 7 pro is consistent alongside the face id which is an optical facial unlock.

The camera bump is now made of aluminum, it’s polished on the pixel 7 pro variant and satin on the pixel 7. In both cases, it provides contrasting accents to the gorilla glass victus back. The aluminum camera bump is also prone to scratches if you are a phone nudist. You do not hear the word ecosystem very often outside of apple discussions. Google hopes to change this. Not only with the accessories like pixel watch and pixel buds and the eventual pixel tablet but the ballooning portfolio of the propriety perks that you can 0nly find in a pixel.

Google Tensor G2 Chip inside the Pixel 7 Pro

Most manufacturers try to pack the highest-end specs in the flagship phones. Google is taking the opposite route. The second generation tensor chip G2 in pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro is not about the benchmark scores. It is about the user experience. Google further optimizes the android for the tensor G2 chipset and as that happens the pixel is going to become more and more attractive. The people who value the automatic screening of spam calls or the best possible camera for a journey will also love its performance over the benchmark results.

The tensor chip in the last generation pixel was good and its second generation is even better in the pixel 7 pro and pixel 7. It enables the phone to get the best performance out of the cameras. It is also behind the unmatched astrophotography mode in pixel 7 pro. Google continues to tweak little things in different ways for the tensor chipset which makes it a better overall package.

Pixel 7 Pro Camera Performance

The camera is one of the top-selling points for the pixel lineup. The Pixel 7 pro is not an exception. It bundles one of the best cameras that you would ever need for a journey. Not only the camera got the great hardware, but it is also the software behind that hardware that makes it the best camera in android smartphones. The triple array contains a wide, telephoto, and ultra-wide camera with a resolution of 50Mp, 48Mp and 12Mp respectively. Pixel 7 Pro’s camera is the shooter to use whenever you need to bring out detail in the background while still preserving the tone of the foreground.

The camera takes excellent photos which are eye-catching and color accurate. The night mode is legendary and much better than other competitors. The video is a department where pixel 7 could do better. The stabilization is good but it sometimes produces grainy videos in low light. The video mode also exposes the capricious focus and the sloppy transitions between lenses when you do punch in. The iPhone is still the king in the video department. But we have high hopes that the pixel 7 pro’s camera can fix minor issues in the software updates. The Pixel 7 pro is still the camera king in the android ecosystem when it comes to still images.


Google Pixel 7 Pro Exclusive Features

The pixel is a direct competitor of the Apple iPhone. Google knows that very well and they try hard to make their ecosystem by implementing pixel-exclusive perks. Features like the magic eraser in the photos app and real-time speech-to-text conversion can only be found in Pixel. These features are a big reason the company started developing its silicon and it plans to unveil even more in forthcoming releases called pixel drops. Pixel is also the first phone in the line to receive android updates. On top of that company promises 5 years of support with three years of software updates followed by two years of security updates. These promises alone are enough for most people to make their buying decision in a world where Samsung and other big players are offering only two years of software updates for their handsets. 

Battery Life

The experience pixel provides with its perk is enough for anyone to forgive its average battery life on a heavy day. The standby time is good enough to make your phone last the whole day. When it comes to top it up, the 30-watt fast charging is there for you. Fast wireless charging of up to 23-watt is also present for your convenience. Google has shaved the battery in the pixel 7 pro to 5000mAh which is only 3mAh smaller than its predecessor, the pixel 6 pro.


With pixel 7 starting at $599, it is a compelling smartphone with all the features and perks that you will not find in any other smartphone. The Pixel 7 pro is however expensive than its smaller sibling and it starts at $899. Both phones are missing a fast charger in the box while the telephoto camera is also omitted from the smaller pixel 7 to make it more affordable.

The Verdict

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are the smartest android smartphones that you can buy. If you are an android fan and love to get new android features as a priority then pixel should be your best choice. Even if you are not interested in all the smartness that google is offering with its pixel lineup, the cameras are still a compelling feature of the pixel. The pricing is also competitive. In the world of 1000$ smartphones google can steal the share with offer the best features at a reasonable price.



What is the difference between pixel 7 and pixel 7 Pro?

The key difference between the pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro is the size and camera. The 7 pro features an extra telephoto lens which is not present in its smaller counterpart.

Pixel 7 display is curved over the edges?

Pixel 7 has a flat display, only the pixel 7 pro contains a slightly curved display. Both phones have high refresh rate screens.

What is pixel future drops?

Pixel future drops are the new features for the Pixel lineup. Google introduces new features and improvements via software updates called pixel future drops.




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