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Best Smartphones of 2022 that will Amaze You

The year 2022 was a great year for smartphones. Different companies launched hundreds of cell phones. If you are willing to find the best smartphone of 2022, we have plenty of information. We have picked the best camera phone of 2022, the best android smartphone of 2022, and the best gaming phone of 2022.

Whether you are a camera enthusiast or a design lover, we have picked a smartphone to shortlist in every category. So, if you are in the market for a phone that suits your specific need, you will get the best phone of 2022 by that feature.

Below are a few categories for the best phone of 2022

  • Most Improved Smartphone of 2022
  • Best Camera Phone of 2022
  • Best Foldable phone of 2022
  • Best Gaming Smartphone of 2022
  • Best Compact phone of 2022
  • Best Budget Smartphone of the year
  • Best Design of Smartphone in 2022
  • MVP overall best phone of 2022

Most Improved Smartphone of 2022

Google Pixel 7 is the most improved smartphone of 2022. Last year, Pixel 6 had many issues when Google tried to re-invent the wheel by changing the design and introducing the tensor chip. Things went south, and the device faced many bugs and performance issues. So the company decided to polish its software and hardware in the next generation.


Pixel 7 is miles better than its predecessor. It has an improved design and the best android experience. The bugs in pixel 6 were poor reception, a slow fingerprint scanner, and grainy video recording. Pixel 7 has none of those issues. It’s improved in every aspect, and thus it is the most improved smartphone of 2022.

Google Pixel 7 has the best AI features and the perks of the android ecosystem that are exclusive to Pixel users only. The camera and daily usage of the phone provide a great experience.

Best Camera Phone of 2022

The camera is the strong pillar of smartphones these days. Several people buy a smartphone based on the camera performance. Also, there is very intense competition in this category. There are many good options, but the Apple iPhone 14 Pro is the best camera phone of 2022.

The camera has always been excellent in the iPhones, and this year’s iPhone 14 Pro is no exception. It also bumped up the resolution of the primary camera from 12MP to 40MP. The 14 pro captures incredible images and rock-solid video. The camera app itself is simple and easy to use.

Selfie lovers will also enjoy the front camera of the iPhone 14 Pro. The focus is good, and the colors are accurate in the selfies captured by the front camera. If you want the best camera phone of 2022, then iPhone 14 Pro Max should top your list.

Best Foldable smartphone of 2022

There is a heated debate on this category of smartphones. Foldable is the future of smartphones. Many companies have jumped into this category. Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi have launched their foldable smartphones.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the best foldable smartphone of 2022. It is the most practical foldable smartphone too, which comes with flagship specs. The hinge feels strong, and the center creaser is minimal. All these points make it the best foldable smartphone of 2022.

Z Flip is also the most widely available foldable in the world, unlike foldable from Xiaomi and Huawei, which are limited to the Chinese market only. Galaxy Flip 4 is also the closest to the normal smartphone when opened.

best smartphones of 2022

Best Phone for Gaming in 2022 – Best Smartphones 2022

Mobile gaming is getting better as smartphones are becoming more powerful. Every flagship of 2022 has a high refresh screen. This makes the smartphone a perfect handheld gaming console.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best gaming phone we recommend to every mobile gamer. It gives the best framerate with a lag-free gaming experience. Apps & games generally tend to be optimized for iOS better than Android.

Its high refresh display and powerful specs make it the best gaming smartphone of 2022. iPhone is also the most comfortable thing to hold for hours-long gaming sessions, thanks to its flat sides and sharp edges. 14 Pro Max is also the best camera phone in 2022, so it has the lead over the other phones.

14 pro max design

Compact phone of the year 2022 – Best Smartphones 2022

Manufacturers are focused on making big smartphones. This is hard to find a compact phone these days. Most small phones either come with a smaller battery or budget specs. Since Apple has discontinued the iPhone 13 Mini, there is no compact device for Apple lovers.

Asus Zenfone 9 is the best small phone of the year. It got the flagship specs, 16GB RAM, and 128GB of base storage. Zenfone preservers the headphone jack in the small form factor. The 120hz screen makes it the perfect phone for media consumption and brings it on power with other flagships.

Since it is a flagship phone, so it got the price tag of a flagship as well. This tiny phone also packs a gimble-stabilized camera that can take some excellent photos.

Budget phone of 2022

If you’re out in the market for a smartphone with a tight budget, you still have many choices. There are plenty of budget phones out there which are offering many features at a low price.

OnePlus Nord CE2 is the best budget smartphone of 2022. As the tagline for the phone says, little more than you expected. It performs above expectations. Whether you are looking at the sharp & bright display or the fast charging. It does not remind you that you are using a sub 300$ smartphone.

In an era where most phones have expensive price tags, Nord offers many features on a low budget. You will not notice a huge difference in the performance unless you compare it side by side with an expensive phone.

best design phone 2022

Best Design for Smartphone in 2022

Design is an important factor in the smartphone. A new phone a new company has introduced a unique design of smartphones in 2022. The Nothing Phone 1 is the best design smartphone of the year. It has all the essentials of a smartphone, but the cherry on top is that strange but attractive design.

If you’re bored by the look of your smartphone, then Nothing Phone 1 will not disappoint you. It has LEDs on the back, which makes it super flashy. The lights also serve different purposes. They act as notification indicators for incoming calls and music playback etc.

The price of Nothing Phone 1 is also reasonable. It falls in between budget and flagship prices. Overall, Nothing Phone 1 is a pretty good smartphone uniquely.

MVP – Best Smartphones of 2022

In the end, we have the best smartphone for 2023. If you’re an Android user, then you will love it. The MVP of the 2022 smartphone world is the Google Pixel 7 Pro. It is also the most improved smartphone of this year.


Pixel 7 Pro will make your daily smartphone experience a charm. It has almost everything that you can expect from a smartphone. It handles daily tasks smartly. After-sale support by Google is also good.

Pixel got outstanding cameras and the best software experience of all Android smartphones. You will be first in the line for the new Android versions. Google services also work much better on this smartphone.

If you are looking for the best Android phone for 2023, then the pixel 7 pro is the best option.



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